My Story

After graduating with a degree in English from the College of Wooster in Ohio, I found work with Island Press, a nonprofit environmental publisher in Washington, DC. I was able to watch books be conceived and affect the environmental community upon their publication.

My city life took a different turn in 2005 when I accepted a position to work at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. From October through February, an austral summer, I supported scientific research by making salads. Following my first season, I took the long way home: through New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Then I did it again – a second season in Antarctica – this time in the Recreation Department.

I’ve been living in the Pacific Northwest since leaving Antarctica in 2007. In between working for nonprofit and mission-driven organizations, I’ve also been able to create a practice for my writing. My first short story was published in 2008, and my first award-winning piece in 2009. Please see the full list of my publications on the “Writing” page. I’m currently at work on a novel.