Reader & Writer

I have always loved being caught in a story.

I remember reading Matilda as a child. After I finished the book, I sat on the end of my bed, a piece of chalk on the desk in front of me, and tried to move that chalk with my eyes.

I read The Time Traveler’s Wife on a plane and sobbed through the last fifty pages. I didn’t make eye contact with my neighbors for fear they’d cringe at the lady who couldn’t stop crying.

I’ve read All the King’s Men more times than I can count, and every time I finish a big meal, I think about his perfect description: “I had just managed to get down the last spoonful of chocolate ice cream, which I had to tamp down into my gullet like wet concrete in a posthole…”

Yup, I’m a reader.

I’m so much of a reader that I’m also a writer. I started writing as a child because I wanted to create worlds of my own. Years later, I’ve continued because writing provides me the space to be profoundly empathetic. I can shed my skin, my life, and my worries for the skin, life, and worries of another. It’s a welcome relief.

I’m a writer because I love to ask questions. And I’ve found that some answers can only be uncovered in stories. How would you live if you were a doctor and your infant child died because you missed the symptoms? How do you grieve for what never was? What connections can happen on a bus, in the rain, on New Year’s Day? I’ve explored these questions, and more, in my writing: see “Permeable,” “A Kind of Vigil,” and “The Cadence of Rain.”

I want to help you connect with great stories. Read more of my writing here. Or join my community of readers, Must Read Fiction, where I offer recommendations for fabulous reads, share interviews with authors, and free giveaways.

Let’s get caught in a great story together.