Reading, writing, and teaching at Get Lit!

Spokane’s amazing Get Lit! – an annual reading and writing festival – happens at the end of April every year. This year was fantastic! I taught two classes. I facilitated “Conversations Over Coffee.” I read my fiction to an enthusiastic audience. And I met so many other great readers and writers from the area.

There was so much happening, I called in extra help. My dear friend Emily, who is also an avid reader, joined me to tell people about Must Read Fiction and to cheer me on. She encouraged everyone to share book recommendations. We’re all looking for more great reads.

I was also invited to write a short fiction piece. The Scoop, a local ice cream shop, joined with Get Lit! to do an ice cream-themed letterpress book: Poetry Prose Pints. My story, “Hopefully Someone Will, Someday” celebrated their Chocolate Buttercup flavor (which is amazing!). All fiction should have its own ice cream.